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Hammas-Pulssi Turku

APPOINTMENT (02) 277 7000

SERVICE weekdays 8.00-20.00h and at weekends 8.00-17.00h

Hammas-Pulssi is at your service every day of the week. While on duty, we take care of toothaches, dental accidents and cracked teeth, etc. Please note: Entrance at weekends from door next to Pharmacy (not the main door).

Pre-information formMany illnesses affect dental treatment. The pharmaceuticals used in dental care may negatively react with other medications. For your first treatment visit at Hammas-Pulssi, you can fill in a pre-information form in advance by clicking on one of the following links. Please bring the form with you.

History for treatment english.pdf (493.4 kt)

Methods of payment

As methods of payment at Hammas-Pulssi, you can choose from cash, debit and credit cards normally in use in Finland as well as the Käyttöluotto card).


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Contact information

Medical Center Pulssi, 4th floor
Humalistonkatu 9-11
20100 Turku

Tel. (02) 277 7000
Fax (02) 277 7030


Medical Center Pulssi, main door (Staircase B). Hammas-Pulssi is located on the 4th floor of the building.

Please note:
During weekend and holiday office hours, entrance via the door next to Humaliston Apteekki (the pharmacy), Humalistonkatu 11, staircase A. Please ring the buzzer if the door is locked.

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Parking at Pulssi is available in the multi-level car park: vehicle entrance from Rauhankatu Street (after Humaliston Apteekki, turn to the right).


Hammas-Pulssi Loimaa

APPOINTMENT 030 633 3080

SERVICE weekdays 8.00-17.00h

Contact information

Terveystalo Loimaa
Vesikoskenkatu 17
32200 Loimaa

Tel. 030 633 3080